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Voices Project

Voices Project is a collection of stories from people in recovery, family members and community members rising up to tell their story. These stories are being told to break down cultural barriers of shame, silence and stigma so that we can start having honest discussions about addiction and recovery in this country.

9 Episodes

Decoding Dayton

Every city, street, and building holds a story waiting to be told and a future waiting to be created. Explore the essential coding of Dayton, Ohio and how it has reshaped over time. Hosted by Daytopians John Gower and Jason Antonick.

18 Episodes


A series to share the unique message inside all of us. Inspiring our neighbors to discover connections when sharing from a place of authenticity. Nominate your neighbor for an episode!

17 Episodes

I Am

Five women participate in a 3-month transformational journey of mind, body, and spirit. Hosted by Erica Lugo, aka Erica Fit Love, the national influencer and celebrity fitness trainer, in collaboration with Dayton-area organizations.

Coming Soon

Tuning in with Dakota

An improv comedy series that follows the adventures seen through the eyes and told through the mouth of Dayton's most peculiar character, Dakota D.

17 Episodes

About the Network


Indigo Life Network is your platform for original shows with a Dayton-region focus. These shows are streamed online to build a community that embraces a lifestyle rooted in the values of self-expression, consciousness, and social responsibility.


#IndigoLife is a lifestyle for the fully expressed. Those who bring awareness to every action, see their impact on the world, and take responsibility for it. Together, we bring purpose, passion, and connection to this life.

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